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"Turn today's little moments, into tomorrow's precious memories"


Thanks so much for popping by.  My name is Scott Gorman (as you might have guessed) and I'm a professional photographer based in Glasgow, covering the whole of Scotland.

You will hopefully be able to tell by browsing my website that I love everything about photography which is why I cover so many different areas including families, weddings, fine art and commercial photography.  I'd love to help with your photography project so have a look around or give me a call on 07412 600 277.

See you soon,

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Newborn Photography Main by Scott Gorman Photography-5

Newborn Photography

They really do grow up so fast, especially in those first few days, weeks and months. Turn those little moments into precious works of art you will treasure for a lifetime.

Baby Photography Montage by Scott Gorman Photography

Baby Photography

When your baby is around 5-9 months old they will start to be able to sit on their own. This is a fantastic time to create some beautiful images of your bundle of joy and turn today's little moments, into tomorrow's precious memories.

Pet Photography Featured by Scott Gorman Photography

Pet Photography

Pets aren’t our whole life, but they make our lives whole. Have a look at some of my pet portfolio and get ready for a cute overload. Your fluffy baby could be my next model if you book your session today.

Family Portraits

There are moments in everyone's life when we wish we could freeze time and make that moment last forever. Beautiful family portraits are the next best thing.

Wedding Photography

Offering a unique blend of contemporary and fine art photography, Scott Gorman and Lavender Lane approach wedding photography creatively and aim to capture feelings, emotions and moments...not just photographs.

Commercial Photography

Professional photography is key to helping your business stand out from the crowd and to portraying a professional image to existing and future clients. Book your free consultation now to find out how I can help.