Voyage of Discovery by Scott Gorman Photography

Voyage of Discovery

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes – Marcel Proust

I decided to take the advice of Marcel Proust and rather than seeking out new landscapes for my photography, I would look at a very familiar one with new eyes.

I spent a fantastic day in my home town of Glasgow taking in every little detail and for the most part trying to avoid the well trodden tourist hotspots. It is astounding what you discover when you really take the time to look. Every corner I turned uncovered new details and I noticed things that I had blindly walked past for years.

Perhaps my favourite part of the day was visiting a little charity shop in Merchant city. I feel as though charity shops give you a glimpse into the past and I always feel quite emotional when I really take the time to consider what these items once meant to someone. Maybe one day someone will be staring into a charity shop and the box brownies which once stood there will be replaced with digital cameras and they will wonder what ever happened to the person who owned it.



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